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From serving as an advisor during the design and development phase to managing your full-scale commercial construction project as a contractor during the construction phase, Creative Structures is dedicated to making your project run smoothly and according to timeline. Our proven, customer-focused processes emphasize accurate pre-construction planning, detailed project management and regular customer communication. From early in the design phase throughout construction, our experienced team of architects, engineers and contractors will help guide your project from conception to completion.

Accuracy, integrity and Building Without Compromise is what keeps many of our clients coming back. We consistently provide excellent customer service and client satisfaction. It is our goal to provide you a finished product that exceeds your expectations.

Feasibility Study

Zoning Review
Verify Actual zoning of the owner’s property. Confirm permitted uses, area restrictions and parking requirements.
Preliminary Drawings
Site study and plan, floor plan and elevations.
Building Code Review
Design professional will review governing codes to determine compliance requirements.
Utility Availability
Determine location of existing utilities and obtain costs for connection or service extension.
Cost Estimate
Produce a cost estimate from the preliminary drawings. Define scope of work, narrate specifications and define initial project schedule.

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